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Why Does My Wife Always Get Mad At Me?

You’ve probably asked yourself “Why does my wife always get mad at me?” If you are like most men, your answer is probably “Because she’s always been angry with me”. She got mad at you when you said something she didn’t agree with or criticized her. When things go wrong you apologize and she’s always forgiving. However, if you find out that the real reason behind her anger is because of your past mistakes you will be in for a rough time. She doesn’t love you the way she used to and this makes her angry with you all the time.

When I was in doubt, I tried to tell myself “It’s not you, it’s me.” However, every time I did this my wife would get angry with me. She blamed me for her misery and unhappiness. It wasn’t until I took a hard look at myself that I finally realized what was making my wife so unhappy with me.

The truth is, I’m no longer the loving husband and father that I used to be. Years of bad habits and mistakes have taken their toll on my marriage. There are times when my wife is also at fault, but she takes the blame for every bad thing that happens in our home. I don’t know how to make my wife love me any more. I just want to give up and divorce my wife. If you are in this situation right now you are not alone.

I was also in this exact situation about seven years ago. My wife was no longer in love with me and our relationship was getting pretty ugly. I didn’t know how to save our marriage and I was doing my best to search the internet hoping that there was some advice or help out there that would help me get my wife to love me again. A lot of these websites made me scared to even go near the computer because of all these crazy guys telling me that I would never get my wife to love me again. At this point I decided that I was going to have to do something drastic to get my wife to fall in love with me again.

My wife and I got married because we loved each other. We made a vow to be married for life and to raise a good family together. Mistakes were made by both of us and we needed to forgive and forget. Unfortunately, fixing your marriage after mistakes is much harder than repairing the mistakes that were made in the beginning. You have to start over and build a stronger foundation than what you had before.

When I asked the question “Why does my wife always get mad at me?” to myself I realized that she was probably mad at me because of all the mistakes that I had made throughout our relationship. Mistakes like cheating, not sharing feelings, and not understanding her. If you find out that your wife has made some mistakes in her life and it drove you crazy then you need to be able to forgive her. If you can’t forgive her than you are probably not going to be able to change any problems that she may be experiencing in her personal life. That is why I recommend that you first talk to your wife about the problems that you two are having and determine whether or not you can work on them or not.


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