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Easy Tips To Prepare Your Daughter For Her First Period

So your daughter is going through the transition from being a boy to a girl and you have decided that it’s time for her to go through puberty and experience those changes. You have done all that you can think of to prepare your daughter for this event, but now it seems you have to do even more to prepare her for her first period. This is a very difficult time for any parent and one that many parents find extremely scary. While the development of your child during this time can be frightening, there are some easy tips to prepare her for this time that will make things easier for you both.

One of the best tips to preparing your daughter for her first period is to make sure she has her monthly period and get herself prepared for it. While at first this can be a little confusing, by taking a look at the body’s calendar you can tell when your girl will be coming around next month. The first month of her period is called the periodontal cycle and it lasts between the second week of her last period and the first month of her new one. By looking at the calendar when this cycle is happening you can tell how soon your girl will be getting her teeth cleaned. At this point in her life she should already have her first appointment with the dentist because the bacteria in her mouth has built up and she needs to be taken care of right away. By taking care of this issue before her period is over, you are making sure that she doesn’t develop a bacterial infection.

To make sure your girl is getting the right amount of fluoride in her diet, you can start by having her eat food that has a lot of calcium. This will help her to develop stronger teeth and to make sure that she doesn’t have a lot of extra calcium built up in her body that could cause her period to be more painful. For a great source of calcium look for non-dairy foods like tofu, almond butter, and soy milk. Other foods that are great sources of protein are fish and chicken. After she eats a well balanced and healthy diet you should take her to her first period check up with her dentist and have her cleaned out so that all of the bacteria in her mouth has been removed. Once this is done you can start making her snacks and meals around calcium and protein.

If your daughter is ready to have her first period then it is time to make a meal plan that will keep her happy and interested in what is going on in her body. You should make sure that the meals contain a lot of vegetables and fruits. It is also a good idea to serve some whole grain products like brown rice or whole wheat pasta. As for her dessert you can provide her with a raw carrot or apple if she likes them and to top off her meal you can put her in some dark chocolate or another sweet.

If your daughter is having her first period as a teenager then you will need to make sure that she stays away from the more spicy foods like chili, cheese, and too much peppers. If your child has already started to develop a taste for these foods then you may want to take that liking a little further by making her a chocolate chip cookie or making her a hot chocolate treat. She should also refrain from drinking much caffeine drinks or alcoholic beverages, because these contain caffeine, which stimulates her vaginal area. These are the main things that you should watch out for during this stage in her life. If your child does not drink enough water then this can also make matters worse because water helps to keep the vagina moist.

If your daughter is having her first period as a teenager then she should try to stay away from spicy foods at dinner time. If she must eat something then you should choose a lower spice like onions, celery, or garlic. She should also avoid sweet snacks and should eat smaller meals throughout the day. You can make sure that her food is as simple as possible. You should also discuss with her the possibility of taking a bath with hot water instead of taking a bath with hot water and mild soap which can be very harmful for the vagina.

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